If someone ask you what its your passion? What do you say?

For me, it would be easy and hard at the same time. Because my passion is so diverse, but primarily it’s food. I really, really, really love food.

But not only the micro aspect of it. Everything about it: the process, research, cooking, understanding the Science behind, video, photo, packaging, branding… You see? Every little part.

Hi, I’m Vitor

Asian American man holding a chocolate bar

So, Vitor Bites is about all of it and much more. Hi, I’m Vitor Hugo, nice to meet you. It would be very cool if my last name was actually Bites, but it isn’t.

Vitor Bites is my personal endeavour at blogging in English. I’ve been blogging for almost 12 years and always wanted tried exercise my language skills.

Besides my look, I’m Brazilian! Yeap, I look Japanese (my heritage), my name is French and I’m Brazilian (born and raised). A good mix, right? I think so!

My mother language is Brazilian Portuguese as well my principal blog, PratoFundo. In English, it translates as deep dish. Yes, very silly, I know!

After many years, I finally decide to make a food blog in English! When I started my many moons ago, almost all my food blogger heroes were in English. So, let’s try!

Career changed

I was Pharmacist-Biochemistry, then, the Culinary Arts entered in my life. Well, food was always part of it to be honest. But I reached a point that I made the changed… sort of it.

I went to Culinary School, in Brazil the diplome value the same as graduation degree. The American and Brazilian college system are a little different. But in the end, my Culinary training is a Graduation.

After a couple of years, I came back to University to teach Culinary classes. A dream come true, teaching about food! But it didn’t last long… because I decide to get Master’s Degree in Food Science.

Because my training in Science, my view about food is a little bit more in-depth. For most people is more about the feeling, which is 100% fine. For me, it’s a mix of everything.

Pastry and Bakery

Chocolate Peanut Cookie open with melted chocolate

I love all kinds of food, but my heart beats faster to sweets and baked goods. I really love pastry and love making breads. And when I can mix with food science, I’m sold! So, expect find a mix about everything here, okay?

Oh, as I live overseas and make so many pastries, basically all my recipes uses metric system to be very exact. I’ll try convert yo cups/spoons, but I highly recommend a kitchen scale.

Bites? Pieces of everything

When I was deciding my English name, I almost got “Vitor cooks”. It’s easy and very self-explanatory, right? But it’s to food driven… I want talk about other things as well, like lifestyle and photography. So “Bites” can be seen in different ways and I like the sound.

So, wish me luck! And let’s cook, eat and have fun!