Best Video Editor App for Food Videos

In this day and age, food videos took the internet by the storm, right? And you want to jump in, but don’t know anything about? Wait, it’s easy!

There are many video editing software to do the job. Here, I list the best ones!

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iMovie Screen

If you have or had a Mac pc in the last couple of years, probably, you saw iMovie. It’s the entry-level video editing software in Mac.

It was my first video editor back in the day… it was terrible because the features were so simple and basic, I admit. But nowadays, it’s a little bit more efficient.

And for learning how to navigate in the non-linear timeline (as most video software), in this case, the simplicity helps and you won’t be overwhelmed. Following the Apple mantra: just works.

The best part is free for everyone (who buy Mac or iOS device) since 2017.

Only for Mac (Apple) for free, there is an iPad version too. More infos at App Store.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X Screen

Another one from Apple. You can think as an iMovie with more features, Final Cut Pro has much more to offer, but still, it’s easy.

The non-linear and layout feel similar if you’re familiar with iMovie. Old school editors circa Final Cut 7 don’t like this “X” version because it appears to be… simple.

The visual is simple when compared to Premiere but does the job. And for what we need, do it very well. If you use a Mac, the software speaks better with the hardware than Premiere.

Only for Mac (Apple) for $299. Yes, pricey. But you pay only once. More infos at App Store.

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Screen
Photo: Wahid Khene on Unsplash

Almost a standard in the field. Premiere has so many features and capabilities that it can be a little overkill… for just a cooking video.

In my local Youtube Space, they taught me how to video editing with Premiere and color correction with DaVinci (see below).

For some crazy video (music, short film and so on), Premiere offers more than Final Cut Pro. But it has a steep learning curve.

If you can, I would say: try to learn both Premiere and Final Cut Pro. And Adobe After Effects: it isn’t a video editing software as the name said, it’s for effects.

Another point to observe, Premiere will need a powerful computer. The software drains computer resources. Be aware of it.

For Mac (Apple) and Windows. The price varies because it’s subscription model: you pay a monthly or annual fee. It starts at $21/mo. More infos at

DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve Screen

It’s a very powerful software. Back in the day, most editors used for the color correction capabilities and not so much for the editing part.

But things changed! It can do so much stuff, powerful and it’s free. Kinda. It has a paid version too, but you don’t need to buy it.

Of course, the paid version has some special features. But for the normal and basic food video editing, they aren’t necessary.

For Mac (Apple), Windows and Linux. Free and paid $299. More infos at BlackMagic.

My Workflow

I know, I don’t post food videos here. But in my main food blog in Portugues, I do. And I work in production. So, I kinda have some experience in the field.

For my own projects, if I can choose: Final Cut Pro. Because all my tech ecosystem is based on Apple devices. So, it’s easier.

I don’t want to talk about pc specifications but in my experience, editing and exporting (this part, much more) a video with Premiere takes longer for my taste. The way Premiere speaks with the machine is different.

If you’re just starting and want to test the water: try the free ones and most the software has a trial period.

Use what works for you and your workflow.

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